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Hearing Loss And Cognitive Decline

The Cognivue Thrive Machine Stands proudly on display. It's part of the cognitive testing from Solutions Hearing

Recent research suggests that hearing loss is also associated with falls, walking problems, and possibly even dementia in those who suffer from the condition.

It was found in a study conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine that mild hearing loss doubled the risk of dementia in several hundred adults for more than a decade. With moderate hearing loss, the risk was tripled…and severe hearing loss, the risk was five times higher.

What is the relationship between hearing and health?

Based on brain scans of the participants in the aforementioned study, researchers found that hearing loss contributed to a much faster rate of brain atrophy. Additionally, most people with untreated hearing loss developed social isolation, which caused them to avoid conversation or to even want to be around others. The risk of dementia may be increased by these factors.

Walking can be impacted even by hearing loss, since it can mute subtle signals and sounds that your brain uses to control your body safely. Your brain has to work much harder on the various processes that it would normally subconsciously multitask because those sounds are much quieter, or not audible at all.

Defining the terms

Social Isolation

A lack of social and/or personal interaction with others can adversely affect your health. People suffering from this have few meaningful relationships, and lack a sense of belonging.


Loss of or damage to neurons in the brain causes progressive, persistent, severe impairment of intellectual capacity, including memory loss, confusion, and emotional instability.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Usually beginning in late middle age, this type of dementia is characterized by memory lapses, confusion, emotional instability, and progressive mental decline.

Cognitive Screenings are Now a Part of Hearing Care

FOr the reasons listed above, our founder, Mr Robert Kille, has taken the steps necessary to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner, and has invested in a COgnivue Thrive Cognitive Screening System at solutions hearing. We understand that haring health is a part of brain health, and we do everything we can to stay up to date on the treatment needs of our patients.

We are happy to provide Cognitive Screening to all Patients in the area. Set an appointment today for a Cognitive Screening and complete Hearing Evaluation today!