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Hearing Aid Fittings

Doctor using a pen to point to a hearing aid.

Hearing aid fittings are an important part of providing care for patients with hearing loss. There are a number of best practices that should be followed in order to ensure that the fitting is performed correctly and that the patient’s needs are met. One of the most important aspects of a hearing aid fitting is real ear measurement.


This type of measurement involves placing a small probe in the ear canal and measuring how well the hearing aid amplifies sound at different frequencies. This ensures that the hearing aid is properly calibrated to the individual’s hearing loss. It also helps to identify any areas where the hearing aid might be causing discomfort.

Other important factors in a successful hearing aid fitting include selecting the right style and size of hearing aid for the patient, as well as making sure that it is comfortable to wear. By following best practices, providers can ensure that their patients will be able to hear effectively and comfortably with their new hearing aids.