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Hearing Evaluations

Man taking a hearing test with a woman in the background.

If you think you may have hearing problems, now is the time to schedule a free hearing test!

Whether you’re enjoying retirement, in the full swing of your career, studying for a college degree, or even raising a grade-schooler, anyone can suffer from hearing problems. The best way to tackle the issue is rapidly and accurately. Our free hearing tests can pinpoint the exact cause of any auditory difficulties you may be having and help discover the best solution for restoring your hearing without costly patch-ups or avoiding it altogether. We’ll carry out an exhaustive test to locate the specific problem and find the ideal fix.

Here’s what to expect.

Once you arrive, our desk staff will guide you through the process of filling out forms with your personal information, medical history and insurance. Then, they’ll introduce you to the hearing specialist who may start off by discussing your lifestyle to identify if you’re having any particular issues with hearing. After that, an otoscope will be used to check for any objects or excess wax blocking the ear canal.

Hearing Tests: Different Types

  • In audiometric testing, high and low frequency words are used to assess how well you can comprehend speech over a short distance, referred to as “conversational distance.” To determine how much hearing loss you have, the specialist will ask you to repeat the words.
  • We can also test the mobility of your eardrum and the condition of your middle ear using tympanometry, which uses air to create variations in pressure in the ear canal.
  • In otoacoustic emission testing (OAEs), acoustics are used to test and understand the function of your inner ear’s hair cells.

What do the results mean?

A hearing test will provide you with a record of your results in the form of an audiogram. Our specialist will be available to go through it with you, to demonstrate your degree of hearing loss. This knowledge will help them discover what solutions best fit your individual needs. We understand how important it is for you to make a well informed decision and we are more than happy to discuss the details with you and answer any of your questions. Find out how our staff can support and guide you on the path towards improved hearing health by scheduling a free hearing test today!