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Hearing Aid Programming

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We are constantly exposed to different sound environments as we go about our daily routines and activities. People without hearing loss adapt quickly to the unique sound dynamics of each setting by adjusting their hearing naturally. When you have hearing loss, however, those adaptations become more difficult. When you program your hearing aids to meet your lifestyle needs, you can transition between different listening environments more confidently and stay on top of everything.

The Specifics

As soon as you choose your hearing aid, it is programmed, but no two hearing aids are programmed exactly the same, because each person’s hearing loss and lifestyle are unique. You can easily program your hearing aids to meet these preferences with the help of your hearing care professional.

Your hearing care professional will calibrate your devices to minimize unwanted noise and enhance desired sounds so they are at their best. You can enjoy the sounds you actually want to hear like voices, music, or notifications by minimizing those unwanted noises, such as crowds, traffic, and various background sounds.

Also, your hearing aid’s volume, sound intensity levels, maximum power output, sound compression ratios, and more can be adjusted by your hearing care professional. You can enjoy your favorite activities much more easily when these features are calibrated. You can savor your favorite activities without interruptions with programs that can minimize extra sounds, whether you’re a music lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who wants to travel.